SHA2017 - Junior CTF - Substitute Teacher - Cryptography

SHA2017 - Junior CTF - Substitute Teacher - Cryptography


Hello, my name is Mr. Smith, I will be your substitute teacher for today. I only have one assignment for you today, if you solve it you may go home. Now be silence and solve it, so I can Netflix and chill!

osvi cpm dprzsob ulsd hddsboeiou. iocpg gpaj njii usei. rihzi uli vrhdd tsulpau ehfsob h dpaow, s’e so uli eswwri pn h oit iqsdpwi pn pjhobi sd uli oit mrhvf po oiunrsy. npj gpaj innpjud s lhzi h nrhb npj gpa: nrhb{h230h7i624hnhv36291v5n31nh818w6n}


The cipher text has been XOR’ed and using a cryptogram solver linked here returns the plain text containing the flag.

nice ?o? solving this assignment. enjoy your free time. leave the class without making a sound, i’m in the middle of a new episode of orange is the new black on netflix. for your efforts i have a flag for you: flag{a230a7e624afac36291c5f31fa818d6f}

FLAG: flag{a230a7e624afac36291c5f31fa818d6f}